IU reports rise in COVID cases and strong vaccination numbers

(Photo supplied/Indiana University)

IU Bloomington says their COVID-19 vaccination efforts are looking strong heading into the fall.

The school says 91.5% of their students, faculty and staff are partially or fully vaccinated ahead of the new semester.

The Indiana Daily Student reported on Friday that IU had 68 COVID-19 cases among IU-Bloomington students, faculty and staff last week. That was up from 38 cases the week before. Symptomatic and asymptomatic testing is available on all IU campuses.

Fully vaccinated individuals are encouraged to report their vaccine status to help the university meet its vaccination requirements.


  1. IU wouldn’t be able to adopt their tyrannical policy if they weren’t getting all those state tax dollars. Yet again, government money is perverting the free market.

    This story needs to include how many unvaccinated students dropped out of IU to get their vax rate to 91.5%, and how many tuition dollars this policy is costing them.


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