Whitmer expected to veto GOP-led COVID bill

(Photo supplied/State of Michigan)

A spokesperson for Governor Whitmer says she will veto a COVID-19 that has been passed by the GOP-controlled Michigan Senate.

The bill bans using the state’s public threat alert system to announce COVID-19 rules and regulations. The Senate voted along party lines Wednesday 20-16 to support the House Bill, which had similar partisan support in the House.

Whitmer’s spokesperson called the alerts “a crucial tool” to fight the coronavirus and the governor does not plan on signing the bill into law. Whitmer has already vetoed other GOP-backed legislation that would reduce pandemic powers resting with the state government.


  1. Whitmer will never willingly give up any of her illegally stolen COVID powers. It’s just not going to happen.

    The narrative must be maintained with a government megaphone or the sheep might start to wake up…


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