Gobles High School student arrested after allegedly taking gun to school


A Gobles High School student who’s alleged to have taken a gun to school was placed under arrest.

Van Buren County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the school, Friday morning, are buzz about the firearm began to circulate.

The student did not have the gun with him, but admitted he had brought it to school previously, and that he carried the gun for self-defense, according to 95.3 MNC’s reporting partners at ABC 57.

The weapon was found at the student’s home and seized as evidence.



  1. So, a gun…with no gun use or apparent desire to use it negligently. Yet arrested and house searched. Apparently shall be infringed is the word of the day.

    We used to carry guns on the school bus and keep them in the cloak room back in the days before school shootings. Yea for gun free zones and the closing of mental health institutions!


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