Indiana National Guard on hand at Elkhart General Hospital

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

Members of the Indiana National Guard have been called in to help at another area hospital.

18 members of the Guard’s Hospital Crisis Response Team are at Elkhart General Hospital.

They’ll be providing “clinical and general support”, and will be at the hospital for a week or two.

Beacon Health System, which runs the hospital, says they “appreciate the extra help and assistance” from the Guard.


  1. This wouldn’t be needed if EGH hadn’t given their employees the “no jab, no job” ultimatum.

    And now we, the taxpayers, get to provide EGH with “free” labor to help mitigate a problem of their own making. How is this OK?

  2. How misleading to the uninformed. They have these poor NG youngsters following around the housekeeping staff cleaning rooms. No patient care at all. Waste of resources.

  3. Fire employees over a very suspect “vaccine” and we taxpayers have to back up Beacon with OUR MONEY.

    Then they follow “Protocol” as they kill patients and refuse to tell family what those protocols are. This happens because your personal physician is not allowed to visit you in the hospital to monitor your progress or prescribe treatments. This is a very foolish and unhealthy practice. The bigger the hospital the worse this becomes.

    What ever happened to “My Body, My Choice?”

  4. Find it funny that everyone is questioning the hospital, but when they are hurt or feeling ill that’s their first option. You guys question the medicine the doctors are trying to help administrator, but won’t question the liquor you drink or the cigarettes you smoke?

    • The administrators making these decisions have nothing whatsoever to do with patient care. Most of them probably haven’t seen a patient in dears, perhaps even decades.

      My doctor still cares about my health, even if the hospital doesn’t. They are not the same.


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