Video released of Alyssa Shepherd’s interview with police after deadly school bus stop collision

(Photo supplied/Indiana State Police)

It’s been three years, now, since the Fulton County bus stop crash in which three children died and a fourth was critically injured.

Family members of the children who died were given access to the interview that the driver, Alyssa Shepherd, gave to police after the crash happened, and posted it to the MaxStrongForever Facebook page.

Shepherd was sentenced to four years in prison, but may be out of jail, early, by the end of the year, if a motion to stop her early release is denied.

Video/part 1

Video/Part 2


  1. I guess we know where that “tough” sentence came from a close family member working on the department. She should not be walking are around free until after those precious children are walking around free. And I do believe that’s gonna take an awfully a long time.. When did we stop prtecting our children? When our children are our future. When our children become disposable, then know this : when we stop loving, and protecting children all like they are our own. We will be quickly on our way to self destruction as a people This is the best Country in this world buy far but we are dying from a the inside by a lack of compassion.


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