Purdue University launching largest faculty hiring initiatives in its history

("EHB_3152" by Edward Blake, C.C. by 2.0)

Purdue University is launching one of the largest faculty hiring initiatives in its history.

The university say it’s a key part of a $75 million dollar Equity Task Force effort to diversify the racial makeup of its faculty ranks.

During the next five years, 40 full-time faculty will be added through several academic clusters as part of this initiative.

The plan’s initial phase, which started this fall, will focus on hiring 14 faculty in public health, including areas such as policy, equity, communications, nursing, pharmacy and nutrition.


  1. This is not a good thing, so stop trying to sell it like it is a good thing.

    This is blatant racism, the top requirement is “diversity” and not “quality” so don’t bother applying if you are white, regardless of your qualifications.

    How come they are only hiring these diversity hires for fluff positions anyway? Why not drop them into mathematics, physics, or engineering? Aren’t they qualified?

    Purdue has gone from good to terrible in just a couple decades. It’s sad.


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