MI, IN & IL highways finish low on a national list

("Highway 404 & Highway 401" by Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine, Public Domain)

Indiana, Michigan and Illinois all have highway systems that are ranked in the bottom half of the nation.

This won’t be a surprise to you if you’re traveling for the holidays. Indiana ranks slightly higher than the other two in overall cost-effectiveness and condition, according to the Annual Highway Report from Reason Foundation.

For the second year in the row Hoosier roads finished 32nd. Michigan was 34th, Illinois 40th.

Reason Foundation’s Annual Highway Report measures the condition and cost-effectiveness of state-controlled highways in 13 categories, including pavement and bridge conditions, traffic fatalities, and spending per mile.


  1. Aside from Reason being RINO driven (the surviving Koch brother is a major donor), the study is odd because factors such as weather conditions and the value of a dollar change dramatically from state to state.

    Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois have lots of annual freezing/thawing cycles that Florida, Texas, and California do not have. Bigger states also have a lot more “rural” roads by percentage, and that impacted their tabulations. Also, every dollar spent per mile in states like Indiana goes farther than in places like California.


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