Deadline for St. Joseph County’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program approaching

By Photos public domain [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The last day to apply for St. Joseph County’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program is Friday, Jan. 14.

The program can provide eligible renters and landlords with up to 12 months of rental and/or utility assistance.

Applicants that have received a notice of eviction or that a household member has been unemployed for ninety days or has an income at or below 50% of HUD’s published Fiscal Year Income Limits for 2020 will be given priority.

Check out the county’s website for information about how to apply.


  1. Taxpayer funded programs that make poverty more comfortable have severely detrimental effects on society. Why go to work if you get everything for free? A decade ago, the “salary” equivalent of all the government programs worked out to over $33,000. To make a $40,000 a year job would require 2000 hours, so you’d effectively be getting an extra $3.50 an hour to go to work. Why would anyone spend all that time working for a few extra bucks?

    These programs need to go away.


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