Beacon Health System and Ivy Tech coming together to train more local nurses

(Photo supplied/Beacon Health Systems)

The Beacon Health System’s School of Nursing is expected to open this fall at Ivy Tech.

Beacon Health System has partnered with Ivy Tech Community College to create the school of nursing in an attempt to push back against a shortage of nurses.

WSBT reports that students will have the chance to become Beacon Scholars, which means Beacon Health will cover the cost of their Ivy Tech education. These students will also enjoy a living stipend and future employment as a nurse at Beacon Health, with the goal of keeping the nurses in the community.

The program kicks off with the Fall 2022 semester.


    • Indeed, this “nurse shortage” narrative is moronic. Beacon doesn’t get a free pass on firing half their staff for refusing the experimental vaccine and then crying because they can’t seem to find enough nurses.

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


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