Michigan City man, woman arrested after alleged Goodwill bin theft


A Michigan City man and woman face theft and drug charges after being caught stealing donated children’s clothing from a Goodwill store.

A Portage police officer said he noticed a Chevy Tahoe parked near the donation bins at Lute Road just before midnight Monday. Then, the officer watched as 34-year-old Gregory Novak removed several white bags from the donation bin and placed them in his car.

When the officer stopped the car, he found multiple white plastic bags taken from the Goodwill.

Police also found 52-year-old Marie Heninger.

Both Heninger and Novak are facing multiple charges, including possessing meth and theft.


  1. Dumba**es, don’t ya know the CEO of Goodwill needs those clothes so he can get richer and richer, and pay his employee’s next to nothing? You 2 messed up further when you got busted with meth, now that’s methed up…

  2. Don’t steal from Goodwill, but don’t donate to them either. The CEO gets all the money, and the company mandates CRT training for its workers. Get woke, go Broke.


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