South Shore Line mask mandate remains firmly in place

("The South Shore Line" by railsr4me, CC BY-ND 2.0)

The South Shore Line will continue to have a mask mandate until mid-April.

Passengers and employees on the line will be required to wear masks until at least April 18th. This is regardless of vaccination status, and in accordance with the TSA’s mask order.

The ruling is in place for stations and trains in both Illinois and Indiana. Also, employees on the trains will continue to follow the Emergency Order Requiring Face Mask Use In Railroad Operations that was issued by the Federal Railroad Administration.

Social distancing is still recommended, and passengers under the age of two and those with medical or health issues are exempt.


  1. Again TSA enforcing ridiculous and needless regulation which DOES ZERO to be helpful. What a waste of tax dollars the TSA

  2. Follow the science.
    That’s right, zero peer review evidence of a piece of paper on your face giving any protection.


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