Indiana Democrats have two weeks to complete their candidates lineup


Indiana Democrats have just over two weeks to complete their slate of statewide candidates for November.

Former deputy attorney general Destiny Wells is Democrats’ expected nominee for secretary of state, but the party hasn’t announced candidates for treasurer or auditor. State chairman Mike Schmuhl says he’s having conversations with potential candidates, and says the party will fill those slots before a May 27 deadline. The nominations won’t be official until the state party convention next month.

Republicans’ convention is the same day, but their filing deadline is a week later than the Democrats’. Three Republicans are challenging Secretary of State Holli Sullivan for re-nomination, and four more are running to replace term-limited state treasurer Kelly Mitchell. State Auditor Tera Klutz is expected to be unopposed for nomination for a second full term.

The last statewide office Democrats won doesn’t exist any more: Glenda Ritz unseated Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett in 2012. Legislators have since replaced the post with an appointed secretary of education.

Democrats haven’t elected a state treasurer since 1970, the party’s longest losing streak for any statewide office. Democrats last won the auditor’s office in 1982 and the secretary of state’s office in 1990.


  1. It must be hard for the Democrats to come up with candidates that fit in with the national party. All Democrats are gullible, corrupt, and authoritarian, but to keep pace with the Bidens takes that to the next level.

    I do wish the Democrats lots of luck in finding the farthest left candidates they can field, it will only make things easier for sanity to prevail this fall when they are soundly defeated.


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