Iraqi citizen accused of plot to kill former President George W. Bush lived in Indiana

(Photo supplied/Federal Bureau of Investigations)

The Iraqi citizen accused of plotting to kill former President George W. Bush spent time living and working in Indianapolis, according to FBI documents.

The FBI says Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab worked at Halal Market in Indianapolis, and lived nearby. The document also says that Shihab Shihab would routinely travel from Indianapolis to his other home in Columbus, Ohio.

Shihab Shihab faces federal charges of aiding and abetting the attempted murder of a former United States official. He also faces immigration crime charges for his apparent attempt to illegally bring foreign nationals to the United States to help with his plan. The Justice Department says Shihab went as far as to scout out the neighborhood where President Bush lives for research.

The FBI documents did not suggest that Bush was ever in danger.


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