Walorski introduces Educational Choice for Children Act

(Photo Supplied/Rep. Jackie Walorski)

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski introduced legislation designed to support educational freedom on Thursday.

The 2nd District Representative and some of her colleagues introduced the Educational Choice for Children Act, which would support a parent’s right to choose school options they feel are best for their families. It would provide money to individuals and businesses to fund scholarships for public and private education, to the tune of $10 billion on an annual basis.

Congressman Jim Banks was also on hand for the announcement. You can find the full text of the Act by clicking here.




  1. How about we focus on microschools, where several families pool resources to hire a teacher to educate their kids. No school boards, no soft target schools, no leftist teachers, no drag queens, just communities taking care of their children. The farther we have removed education from our communities, the worse the results have gotten.

  2. Best Education Bill that could pass is the ELIMINATION of the Federal Department of Education. How about we lower the amount of interference the feds can impose on us. How about we reduce the agencies that are not found in the US Constitution. How about that Jackie??


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