IN Chamber comments on surplus and rebates

(Photo supplied/Indiana Chamber of Commerce)

Indiana’s Chamber has issued a statement on rebates and the state surplus.

Kevin Brinegar, the President and CEO of the Indiana Chamber, said on social media Monday that the organization certainly understands “the motivation behind the increased rebate.” He says the inflation crisis is impacting everyone at the grocery, gas pumps, restaurants and elsewhere. He says while it will be appreciated by many, “the rebate will have only a nominal and short-term effect.”

Brinegar says the Indiana Chamber is focusing its attention on what the state can do with the remaining excess surplus to create lasting impacts to the economy, and identifying the best strategies to improve education, health, and workforce metrics.



  1. While Brinegar is right about the impact of the rebates, the Chamber seems much more interested in spending that money on more wasteful government programs instead.

    It seems like the Chamber of Communists isn’t a misnomer after all.

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