Indiana doctors prepare for possible “tripledemic”

(Photo supplied/Pixabay)

Doctors across the state are preparing for what has come to be known as a “tripledemic” this winter.

Between RSV, the Flu, and COVID, Hoosiers, as well as the rest of the US, have a good chance of getting at least one of these three respiratory illnesses in the cold weather months ahead.

“We’re already in a dire situation when it comes to RSV,” said Dr. Chris Doehring, vice president of medical affairs at Franciscan Health, on WISH-TV. “Flu and COVID not so much right now.”

Doehring said the Flu is particularly bad right now in the southern hemisphere of the world and said that if that’s any indication then the Flu could make a resurgence this year in North America.

RSV, aka respiratory syncytial virus, is already at a bad level in Indiana and throughout the U.S. with many hospitals nearing or at capacity with children in particular who have come down with the virus.

As far as COVID is concerned hospitalizations have leveled off, but like the aforementioned virus that could change quickly.

“If there is a new subvariant of Omicron that surges this winter, there is a possibility these could overlap,” Doehring said. “And that could tax the healthcare system in unique and unusual ways, particularly if all three overlap.”

Most medical experts agree the best course of action is for you to get up to date on COVID boosters and to get your annual Flu shot.


  1. Maybe doctors should stick to treating their patients rather than spouting CDC “guidelines” and propaganda. No one trusts the medical community at this point. Not after two years ob bending over for Darth Fraudci and his merry band of criminals.

  2. What a surprise….. NOT! One week before the elections and they spew this crap!!! Not falling for it again, go pander to left zealots that “believe / follow the science”…. #FJB !!!

  3. Oh look everybody, it’s the new “Midterm Variant” we’ve been waiting for…

    Does anybody actually trust the CDC or the medical “professionals” at this point?


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