Rep. Banks: House needs to be “last line of defense” against President Biden

(Photo supplied/Jim Banks for Congress)

The House needs to be the “last line of defense” against President Biden, says Indiana GOP Congressman Jim Banks.

In an interview with Fox News, Banks said he is upset that Republicans did not come up with the “red wave” that some election analysts and pundits predicted.

“This was a very disappointing outcome. There will be a lot of unpacking for weeks to come. We’ll be asking ourselves questions like, ‘Did we have the wrong strategy? Why did our message not break through? Why did the voters not buy into the vision and the message that Republicans were selling?” said Banks.

Even though it looks like Democrats will get the majority in the Senate, Banks predicts Republicans will gain the advantage in the House. What also helps Republicans is the way Biden is performing, says Banks.

“Joe Biden is an enormously unpopular President. The majority of Americans believe this country is on the wrong track. We have an opportunity to be the last line of defense and block the Biden agenda,” said Banks.

He says if they do that effectively, they can pass legislation that addresses the issues that the American people care about.

“Issues like bringing down inflation and gas prices, the border, the drug crisis in America, and the national security issues that keep America safe. I believe we can grow this slim majority into a much healthier majority in the 2024 election,” said Banks.

According to a Reuters poll from last week, Biden’s approval rating sits below 40%. Republicans are currently projected to win 211 of the 218 seats needed to form a majority.

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