Purdue professor says meat prices are down

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You may be looking for something other than turkey for Thanksgiving, or maybe you’re planning ahead for Christmas or just doing your weekly shopping. The prices for beef and pork are down, compared to just a few weeks ago.

“It might be surprising despite all the news about food price inflation, it’s actually the case that beef and pork prices are lower than they were at this time last year, said Jayson Lusk, Distinguished Prof. of Purdue’s Dept. of Agricultural Economics.

According to the National Pork Board 318 million pounds of ham are eaten at Christmas, which makes it the second most popular holiday meat. The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture says that meats, beef and pork in particular, will be readily available, with supply problems having eased up.

That may be having an effect on prices.

“So, maybe that’s a bright spot for consumers,” said Lusk. “Those protein prices have been coming down.”


    • Strange that in the exact same AP interview with professor Lusk on another site stated that food prices were up 14% over last year. Pork prices are down, but they usually are this time of year. Beef prices are still high. Poultry prices are way up. Would love to hear the professors actual words because it feels like his interview was cherry-picked by journalists to get the article they want.


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