Man sentenced in LaPorte County Court after pleading guilty to torture death of 4-year-old son

(Photo supplied/LaPorte County Sheriff's Office)

It’s 70 years in prison for a man accused in LaPorte County of the torture death of his 4-year-old son who he repeatedly beat while trying to potty-train the boy.

Alan Morgan, 29, of Hamlet, was seen on video punching Judah Morgan more than two dozen times in the days, last fall, that led to the discovery of the boy’s dead body.

The footage showed Morgan punching his son, holding him up by his neck and dropping him on the floor and leaving him alone for hours in an empty, cold, dark basement.

A forensic pathologist testified the boy weighed just 36 pounds when his autopsy was conducted.

Morgan stayed silent during the sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to murder and felony battery.

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This crime deserved a one way trip through the felon zapper.

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