Lawmakers want former Attorney General Curtis Hill accusers to pay up

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You may remember the groping allegations against former Attorney General Curtis Hill and the lawsuit that followed. Now, the General Assembly wants Hill’s accusers to pay up.

Court documents show Indiana General Assembly lawyers have requested three of Hill’s accusers pay more than 11-thousand-dollars for court costs. That number comes from the court proceedings associated with the lawsuit against the Indiana House of Representatives and Senate. Three former staffers sued, claiming Hill groped them at a post-session party in 2018. Their suit claimed the General Assembly failed to protect them.

Federal law allows judges, when requested by a lawyer in a case, to charge certain parties in a legal case with covering the costs of court-appointed staff or obtaining documentation. The total amount requested from the three former staffers is 11,451-dollars, which is mostly from testimony.

The lawyers for the three former staffers are reviewing the request.

Court documents show lawyers for the Indiana General Assembly want three of Curtis Hill’s accusers to pay more than $11,000 in court costs.

A federal judge ruled in November that the General Assembly is not liable for anything Curtis Hill may have done. Hill says he did nothing wrong.


  1. When false claims are made against someone, those lying accusers should face the same sentence as the person they attempted to frame would have. Whatever the jail term is for the crime, that is what these 3 should face! NOT a measly $11k in court costs.

  2. Curtis Hill was a successful tough on crime Elkhart County prosecutor. With all of his problems I would still rather have him as the St. Joseph County prosecutor, instead of Kenneth Cotter.


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