AAA hopes new year brings better road safety habits

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Most people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, or stop a bad habit. AAA hopes Illinoisans will make it their resolution to improve road safety by moving over for vehicles that are stopped on the shoulder of the road.
On average, one tow truck driver is killed every other week, while working on the roadside. However, the victims also include stranded motorists. Nationwide, nearly 350 people are struck and killed outside disabled vehicles each year.
AAA – The Auto Club Group has made its Near Year’s resolution to spread awareness of its “Move Over for Me” campaign. This is an effort to educate drivers of existing move over laws and seek opportunities to strengthen them.
“The roadside is an extremely dangerous place to be for everyone, whether it’s an emergency responder or motorist with a disabled vehicle,” said Molly Hart, spokesperson, AAA – The Auto Club Group. “Drivers who make the resolution to move over for all vehicles on the roadside, can save lives and help ensure everyone makes it home safely to their families.”
AAA’s tips to protect roadside workers and stranded motorists:
For Drivers:
Remain alert. Avoid distractions and focus on driving.
Keep an eye out for emergency vehicles – including tow trucks – that have their lights on as well as cars that have their flashers on. Move over one lane when you see them and if you can’t move over, slow down to safely pass them.
Be a good passenger. Help identify roadway issues and remind the driver to slow down and move over.
Watch for people on the roadside. People may be in or near a disabled vehicle. Just because you don’t immediately see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
For Stranded Motorists:
Pull as far over on the shoulder as safely possible to create more distance between your vehicle and passing traffic.
Turn your hazard lights on so other drivers are aware you are there.
If you are able to safely make it to the next exit or stopping point, do so.
Call for assistance via phone, website or the AAA Mobile app.
Remain with your vehicle as long as it’s safe to do so.
If getting out of your vehicle, watch the oncoming traffic for a good time to exit, and remain alert and close to your vehicle. Avoid turning your back to traffic whenever possible.​

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