South Bend Police report an uptick in robberies during the past weekend

(Jon Zimney/95.3 MNC)
South Bend Police are urging residents to be vigilant following an uptick in robberies this past weekend.
From Saturday evening, Jan. 21, to early Monday morning, Jan. 23, officers responded to seven robberies across various parts of the city.
Thanks to proactive policing and thorough follow-up investigations, multiple individuals have been detained/arrested; however, many cases remain active and ongoing.
South Bend Police will continue to step up patrols to deter future robberies. To help protect yourself, they suggest taking some of these steps to stay safe:
  • Be aware of your surroundings – it’s easy to get distracted by headphones or your smartphone.
  • Walk and park in well-lit areas.
  • Trust your instincts – if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Leave the area as quickly and calmly as possible.
  • When selling/buying items on the internet/social media, insist on meeting in a public place during the daytime. The South Bend Police Department offers a safe transaction area at the front of their building.
  •  Avoid walking alone.
  •  Look inside your vehicle before entering and lock your car as soon as you get in.
  •  Keep your phone locator activated.
  • Report suspicious activity to the South Bend Police Department.


  1. If you go into the city make sure you have a non-lethal weapon to protect yourself. As a backup I would recommend a 9mm with defense ammo. Don’t go there after dark.

  2. Be nice if they told us what things were taken I don’t think I know anybody that’s out taking other people’s s*** but I might and knowing some of the items could really help people determine whether their friends and family are out creeping and stealing from their brothers and sisters. Just saying


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