Whitmer’s 2023 State of the State address vows more gun control for Michigan residents


More gun control could be on the way for Michigan residents.

That’s according to excerpts of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s State of the State address.

The full address is happening on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 7 p.m..

Whitmer and Michigan Democrats say they are working to pass a three-pronged gun control bill.

The bill would include Red Flag gun confiscation, universal background checks, and mandate that all law-abiding gun owners lock up fire arms in their houses.

Gun control advocacy group, Moms Demand Action, have supported Whitmer in the past.

Great Lakes Gun Rights is asking Michigan resident to call their legislators to oppose gun control bills in the 2023 legislative cycle.


  1. Election fraud beneficiaries need to disarm the serfs before they can truly solidify power.

    Wake up, Michigan! You truly DIDN’T vote for this!

  2. It sounds like Gretchen Whitmer is trying to copy the woke state of Illinois. These new gun control laws won’t stop criminals from getting outlawed weapons. Criminals laugh at gun-free zones and weapon laws.

    These new laws makes it harder for law abiding citizens to protect their homes and businesses. Gretchen, what part of the Second Amendment don’t you understand ?

    I was so shocked to learn Governor Gretchen won a 2nd team in charge of taking away people’s rights.

    • Commiefornia and Chicago are among the most gun controlled places anywhere, but look at all the “mass shootings” in Commiefornia recently or pretty much any weekend in Chicago.

      Gun control doesn’t work.

  3. Lets see…tell criminals that everyones guns are locked up in their homes, which means they have extra time to break in whil the homeowner is messing around with a safe!

    And red flag laws are a joke because anyone who gets angry at a gun owner because, lets say they didnt put the toilet seat down, can call and get that persons guns taken away!

    They will never learn!!


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