Buttigieg not interested in running for US Senate seat in Michigan

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

U.S. Transportation Secretary and former Mayor of South Bend Pete Buttigieg has ruled out a run for Michigan’s open U.S. Senate seat.

The 2020 Presidential hopeful, who became a resident of The Great Lakes State last year with his family, says he will vote as a Michigander…but that’s it. Buttigieg told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday’s “State of the Union” program that his job takes “110%” of his time, and in his opinion is the best job in the federal government.

Democrats are defending 23 of the 34 Senate seats that will appear on the 2024 ballot, including the one being vacated by Michigan’s Debbie Stabenow.




  1. Pete could do a Hillary Clinton and move to another state and run for U.S. Senate. All he has to do is rent a studio apartment in California and become a resident. Senator Diane Feinstein isn’t running in 2024 because she’s almost 100. Mayor Pete would win in California, because the people there are just as crazy woke as him.


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