Democrat amendments to gender affirming care ban shot down

Republicans blocked several amendments offered up by House Democrats to a bill that would ban gender affirming care for trans kids in Indiana.
Inside the statehouse, State Rep. Robin Shackleford efforts to pass four amendments to the bill failed. One of the amendments would have placed the state legally liable for any adverse effects felt by trans children who are force off of hormone therapy by the bill if it becomes law.
That would have given parents the right to sue the state if those adverse effects come about in their child.
Shackleford also pushed amendments to shore up the rights of parents of transgender kids when it comes to deciding what medical care is best for their child.
“It is critical that we offer help to these children, but the help currently being given is not helpful,” State Rep. Joanna King said in response to the amendments. “Why should the state be culpable for unproven irreversible treatments that are causing harm to minors?”
“We’re not here to decide on medical issues,” said State Rep. Ed Delaney (D) when it comes to the state intervening on the medical decisions of Hoosiers. “And if we’re wrong, we as a state should pay.”
Ultimately, no changes were made to the bill after more long discussions. The bill now needs a final vote by the full House before it can be sent to Gov. Eric Holcomb for his signature.



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