Anthony Hutchens sentenced for 2021 Grace Ross murder

(Photo supplied)

The teenager accused of killing and molesting six year-old Grace Ross in 2021 has been sentenced to 55 years for her murder.

Court documents say Hutchens was also sentenced to nine years on the charge of child molesting, which will be served consecutively.

Hutchens was sentenced under the alternative juvenile statue allowing the judge to revaluate before he turns 18.


  1. So we do all of this again when he turns 18? The parents of the tiny girl he raped and killed go through this again when he turns 18? A soulless attorney tries to convince us this monster has rehabilitated himself? This is disgusting. He is disgusting. His parents are disgusting. Rabid animals should be put down.

    • I completely agree with you. Act like an animal, get treated like an animal. I would suggest that a woodchipper is an environmentally friendly alternative to a firing squad.

  2. He’s obviously mentally insane and should be put away the rest of his life. He most likely will be the victim this time of sexual abuse while he’s incarcerated.


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