Michigan considering driver cell phone ban


The State of Michigan is considering a bill that would ban the use of cell phones while driving.

Tuesday morning a committee heard testimony on a package of bills that would update the current law, according to WSJM.

Michigan currently bans texting while driving only, and among the changes being proposed are bans on video streaming and social media use behind the wheel. Twenty-five states currently have distracted driving laws on the books.




  1. This law and the people who do video streaming and social media use behind the wheel have something in common: They are both no-brainers!

    Most people cannot drive well even when they are paying attention, and being distracted is NOT an improvement. Please pass this, Michigan!

  2. I’m Stephanie, I interviewed a woman , well 1st her and husband was hit by a teen texting. She was injured ,in txt n driving. She’s been in a wheelchair since .
    Sherrif kackel and Bouchard attended. This was 1st social media to stop texting n driving

  3. I BELIEVE THIS IS LAW WOULD SAVES LIFE’S. I’M 100% BEHIND IT. Alot of people will be against it,it’s more of a change issue.


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