7 tips to keep pets happy while traveling

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Memorial Day is right around the corner – which means the official kick-off to summer travel is here! And, the one secret to make sure you have a happy pet as your travel companion is to make a list (and check it twice) to assure you don’t leave home without any important items.
With that in mind, Trupanion – a leader in medical insurance for pets – is sharing 7 expert tips from staff veterinarian Dr. Sarah Nold on how to best travel with your furry friend so everyone enjoys their summer travel plans.  
By Car
1. If possible bring enough food to last the entire trip, as a change of food can cause stomach upset in some pets.
2. Make sure your dog is secure, either in a carrier or a properly fitted harness/collar, before opening your car door to minimize the risk of your dog getting lost.
3. Extra towels are always great to have on hand, among other things they can help protect upholstery in case it’s raining or snowing outside of the car.
4. Traveling by car definitely allows for more flexibility. 
For example, if your pet is showing signs of distress you can detour to a veterinarian for evaluation.  I recommend bringing a copy of your pet’s medical records, especially if your pet is being treated and/or monitored for a condition by your veterinarian. 
By Plane
5. If your travel involves a plane, call the airline to determine if your dog is approved for riding in the cabin or if they will have to go in cargo.
6. Most airlines require a USDA health certificate issued by a veterinarian for your dog, this usually needs to be issued within 10 days of travel. 
7. No matter the mode of travel, have your pet microchipped to help with identification if they should get lost.
  • Dr. Sarah Nold, staff veterinarian at Trupanion

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