'Wimpy' bull yak runs away from herd when brown bear shows up at farm

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — When a curious brown bear showed up at an Anchorage area farm, the cows in a small yak herd there defiantly surrounded the calves.

But not the lone bull, Stormy: he sprinted away.

KTUU-TV reports that Stormy ran through Eagle Peaks Farm, hopped the fence and kept going.

Angie Johnson owns the 25-acre farm with her husband and describes the female yaks as “fierce.”

She says it was cool to see them stand their ground against the bear, which never got into the field.

As soon as Stormy left, one of Angie’s teenage sons started tracking the chronic runaway. The bull has broken loose two other times and earned the nickname “Wimpy” for his last escape.

He was coaxed back into the pen with the help of a cow.

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