Three people hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning in Clay Township home


By: Jon Zimney

Three people were taken to a local hospital  after being poisoned by carbon monoxide on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Clay Fire personnel responded to a call for a patient experiencing chest pains, according to a news release from Clay Fire Territory.

Shortly after entering the home, the carbon monoxide monitor that is attached to their medical equipment bags began sounding an alarm, the news release stated.

Carbon Monoxide, which is colorless and odorless, and a product of fossil fuels, is responsible for countless injuries and deaths yearly.

The levels of the gas begin to be hazardous at 35 ppm. The readings in the Clay Township home were over 400 ppm when firefighters entered.

It is believed that the source of the carbon monoxide was the furnace.

Clay Fire is reminding residents to have all natural gas appliances; water heaters, clothes dryers, and especially furnaces checked for proper operation, and ventilation. Improperly vented wood burning heating devices are also a source.

Carbon Monoxide detectors can warn you of this danger and should be located in every home in the same locations as smoke detectors.