Ambulances in Berrien County to use lights and sirens less often


By: Krystal Vivian

First responders in Berrien County, Mich., will be using lights and sirens less often when responding to emergencies around the area.

The Berrien County Medical Control Authority is ordering first responders to use the lights and sirens on ambulances less after recent studies found that they don’t help paramedics get to the scene of an emergency any faster, according to our reporting partners ABC 57.

The sirens and lights are also believed to contribute to a portion of the 4,500 crashes that involve ambulances every year in the U.S.

Ambulances will still be able to use the lights and sirens in certain situations. Drivers who see emergency vehicles with lights and sirens in Berrien County will still be legally required to pull off to the right side of the road if it is safe to do so.

Otherwise, drivers should treat ambulances as they would any other vehicle.