Excerpts of President Obama's address at Concord High School released by The White House

The following excerpts from President Obama’s remarks at Concord Community High School in Elkhart were released by the White House. The President’s full address will be broadcast live, starting at 3:20 p.m. (time approx.) on News/Talk 95-3 Michiana’s News Channel:

“I understand that not everybody votes based on the economy. Some folks care deeply about our Second Amendment rights, or marriage equality, or a woman’s right to choose. Some vote based on national security, or their worries about terrorism. And that’s fine; those are all issues worthy of debate. But if what you really care about in this election is your pocketbook; if what you’re concerned about is who will look out for the interests of working people and grow the middle class, then the debate isn’t even close.”

“One path would lower wages, eliminate worker protections, cut investments in things like education, weaken the safety net, kick people off health insurance, and let China write the rules for the global economy. It would let big oil weaken rules that protect our air and water, and big banks weaken rules that protect families from getting cheated, and cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans to historic lows.”

“I know that sounds strange for politicians claiming to care about working families. But these are their plans. I’m not making it up. You can usually find them on their websites. And the evidence of the last thirty years – not to mention common sense – should tell you that their answers to our challenges are no answers at all.”

“Fortunately, there’s another path that leads to more jobs. Higher wages. Better benefits. A stronger safety net. A fairer tax code. A bigger voice for workers. Trade on our terms. It will make a real difference for the prospects of working families. It will grow the middle class.”

“So that’s it, Elkhart. That’s the choice you face. The ideas I’ve laid out today won’t solve every problem, or make everybody financially secure overnight. But they’ll point us in the right direction. And one thing I can promise you is that if we turn against each other based on divisions of race or religion, then we won’t build on the progress we’ve started. If we get cynical and just vote our fears, or don’t vote at all, we won’t build on the progress we’ve started. We’ve got to come together around our common values, our faith in hard work and opportunity for everyone. We’ve got to assume the best in each other, and not the worst – because whatever our differences, we all love this country and care fiercely about our children’s futures.”

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