Parents of Savage brothers raise awareness of prescription drug abuse dangers


The parents of two Granger teens who died after overdosing on prescription drugs in 2015 are working to help other families keep from suffering a similar tragedy.

Michael and Becky Savage, parents of Nick and Jack Savage, spoke to the South Bend Rotary about the dangers of prescription drug abuse on Wednesday, according to our news partners ABC 57.

“We want to keep the awareness of the boys alive and the awareness that this is a real issue in our community and we want to address that,” Michael said. “So this is our way of trying to help out other families who hopefully won’t have the same fate happen to them.”

The Savages were joined by Comm. Dave Wells of the St. Joseph County Drug Investigations Unit.

The presentation Wednesday was one of several public panels the Savages are planning with their organization, the 525 Foundation. The foundation is named for Jack and Nick’s hockey jersey numbers.

The Savages want to talk about Nick and Jack to let other people know that prescription drug abuse can be a problem for anyone, but it doesn’t have to be.

Read more about the presentation in the story from ABC 57.


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