23 pawfully adorable dogs wearing Halloween costumes

dogs wearing halloween costumes

These dogs wearing Halloween costumes are so cute, you’ll be wagging your tail in happiness by the end of this post.

This Jurassic BARK star

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This nerd is more likely to do your homework than eat it

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The cute is strong with these two

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This dude has to make like a banana and split

This pugkin

These pups are ready to party

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A photo posted by Emily Novicki (@enovicki3) on

This French ballerina

Madonna? More like Madoggo

This scarecrow who only wants a bone

A photo posted by Cooper (@cooper_fluffpup) on

Much Halloween, very tricks, so treats, wow

This guy who be-pug-dgingly dressed up

This hot dog

This devilish cutie

This pug-accino (or pugkin spice latte, if you prefer)

This guy is lion around waiting for treats

A photo posted by Jenna Pakosta (@japakosta) on

Carl didn’t see this costume coming

A photo posted by Pogi the Toy ? (@pogithetoy) on

This guy who dressed up as his favorite toy

That’ll do pig, that’ll do

A photo posted by Katie Reid (@katie.reid93) on

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