23 pawfully adorable dogs wearing Halloween costumes

dogs wearing halloween costumes
("Wind-up Dog" by Istolethetv, CC by 2.0)

These dogs wearing Halloween costumes are so cute, you’ll be wagging your tail in happiness by the end of this post.

This Jurassic BARK star

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This nerd is more likely to do your homework than eat it

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The cute is strong with these two

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This dude has to make like a banana and split

This pugkin

These pups are ready to party

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This French ballerina

Madonna? More like Madoggo

This scarecrow who only wants a bone

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Much Halloween, very tricks, so treats, wow

This guy who be-pug-dgingly dressed up

This hot dog

This devilish cutie

This pug-accino (or pugkin spice latte, if you prefer)

This guy is lion around waiting for treats

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Carl didn’t see this costume coming

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This guy who dressed up as his favorite toy

That’ll do pig, that’ll do

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