Goshen also considering ID program for undocumented immigrants

(Ben Quiggle/Elkhart Truth)

Sometime this year, Goshen may mimic what South Bend has put in place for undocumented immigrants.

After prodding by Latino community leaders, Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman may introduce an ID card program for undocumented immigrants later this year, according to the Elkhart Truth.

Stutsman announced during a town hall meeting Monday morning that the idea is “in the very early stages” and it hasn’t been yet discussed in the city council. It’s unclear how similar the program will be to South Bend’s at this point.

Richard Aguirre, Goshen College’s director of corporate and foundation relations, said that Goshen could follow the same model as South Bend’s, right down to letting a non-profit like La Casa de Amistad Inc. issue the IDs instead of the city.

South Bend’s ID program was issued for people who live in South Bend, but may have issues getting a photo ID, which is needed for things like prescriptions, a library card, a bank account, picking kids up from school, or making proof-of-age-required purchases.

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Dan Garing January 27, 2017 at 7:39 am

What is wrong with this picture? Anyone ever heard “you don’t reward bad behavior”? Why are we worried about “illegal” persons having access to anything? Why don’t the “illegal persons” do what is required to become legal citizens and then they would have an ID. I know, dumb question…because we will keep giving them everything they need so there is no incentive to do things the legal way! We in the USA are living in the Twilight Zone!


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