Campaign against Indiana tax plan for road funding to hit gas pumps


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Ads opposing a Republican plan to use higher fuel taxes to pay for infrastructure repairs will soon adorn gas pumps across Indiana.

Raising taxes are a tricky sell in a red state like Indiana, where lawmakers are much more accustomed to cutting taxes than raising them.

The ads at gas pumps, filling stations and convenience stores will include the contact information for state lawmakers. The Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, which is launching the campaign, hopes it will lead motorists to voice opposition to the plan.

The proposal in the Legislature would raise gas prices by a dime a gallon — or 20 cents a gallon for diesel.

More than a dozen states, including Indiana, are considering an increase in fuel taxes to pay for infrastructure upgrades.


  1. When our legislators have gone through every line item in the budget for waste and gone after all the fraud then they can talk to us about increasing the gas tax. Also when the State spends 100% of the gas tax for roads and infrastructure we can have a discussion, not before.


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