Embattled Lake County Sheriff cannot have guns back after indictment

Lake County Sheriff John Buncich (Photo supplied/Lake County Sheriff's Department)

HAMMOND, Ind. (AP) — A federal magistrate has ruled that Lake County’s sheriff can’t have his guns back after being indicted in a fraud and bribery case.

A lawyer for John Buncich had filed a petition in U.S. District Court asking for the return of weapons the sheriff surrendered last year when he was charged. The sheriff’s lawyer argued Buncich isn’t charged with a violent crime and needs his guns for his job.

Magistrate Judge Paul R. Cherry didn’t explain his Wednesday decision.

Buncich and others were named in a multicount indictment Nov. 18 alleging an illegal towing scheme in which the sheriff accepted bribes. Buncich has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial.

The magistrate earlier released Buncich on bond with the condition he surrender firearms and not possess any while awaiting trial.


  1. “Innocent until proven guilty” has been a thing of the past for a long, long time. Obviously on display once again by a judge that won’t even explain his decision? How is that legal?

  2. Step 1: Check the affiliations of the Judge and all others involved in this high profile case for any and all answers to the questions one would beg to ask. I notice the similarity in the grandiose trumptonian presentation seen prominently on the video clip for there to be any doubt. It’s not too hard for anyone with a double digit IQ to smell the stench of the new standard dish of politically motivated retributionlly Enhanced flaming bag of penchanton ” I’ll get you my pretty ” fully processed batch of cow manure. But that is only one mans personal opinion. Mine to be exact.

    In case there is doubt, I call bullshit on this action.

    Jepordising the life of an officer of the law is unacceptable in my book. Taking the weapon from any officer when they are performing their duty is the same as inviting a wingnut to have his… or her fanatical way and fifteen seconds of fame. Undeniably, this is a wry Poor move on the judges part its his interpretation of the law. He seems to have buried the important parts stating the standard of law is still innocent until proven otherwise. Anyone is free to prove my words wrong. At its root level, The action could cost countless lives. Giving out a legal pass or a “gosh I mad a mistake in judgement” do over isn’t available to anyone living in this brave new trumptonian un-drained swamp infested world. How about we shift gears. Let’s see someone already digging into this case uncover the possible or potential motivations on both sides of the case that’s so popular during the post election season ending with trump and pence jumping behind the wheel of Americas future… for the next four years. God help us all. Please it this crap out.


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