Redistricting changes unlikely in Indiana this year


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An effort to change who is responsible for drawing Indiana’s election maps is unlikely to gain approval this year after a legislative panel declined to take a vote on the issue.

A plan from Republican state Rep. Jerry Torr, co-authored by House Speaker Brian Bosma, would establish an independent commission to draw maps, rather than lawmakers. The recommendation would still be subject to approval by the Legislature.

The measure faces a looming deadline for a committee vote, but Rep. Milo Smith refused to allow a vote Wednesday. He says lawmakers didn’t have enough time to prepare amendments.

Some Republicans question the constitutionality of the proposal or don’t see a need for redistricting reform. Supporters say an independent panel drawing election maps could lead to fairer districts and more competitive races.


  1. Nothing to do with election district lines is done out of “fairness” just more political micromanagement to control elections…


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