Fake drug seller in LaPorte sentenced to 12 years in prison

(Photo supplied/LaPorte County Sheriff's Office)

It’s 12 years in prison for a man caught in a plot to sell fake drugs and rob the buyer in LaPorte.

36-year-old Oscar Griffin was sentenced on conspiracy to commit robbery and aiding, inducing or causing dealing synthetic marijuana charges, according to the Northwest Indiana Times.

Griffin and four others from Fort Wayne were outside Wal-Mart to sell catnip laced with insecticide as synthetic marijuana and rob the buyer, according to court documents.

The LaPorte County Deputy Prosecutor said a confidential informant was going to be used to execute the buy until information developed that indicated the customer was going to be robbed. During the sentencing, Griffin insisted he didn’t have prior knowledge of the plot.

Baking powder and sugar portrayed as cocaine turns up occasionally, but no other fake drugs involving catnip have ever been encountered by investigators here.

The cases of four others involved in the plot are still pending.


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