Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum holding unique auction Saturday

("Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum" by Paul J Everett, CC BY 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is preparing to auction off an assortment of strange items it has acquired over the years.

Betsy Smith is the director of the nonprofit foundation that runs the museum. She tells the Indianapolis Star that no race cars or racing memorabilia will be sold at the auction Saturday.

Because, it turns out, a lot of the treasures hidden in the Speedway museum’s basement have nothing to do with auto racing. The items up for auction include a horse-drawn hansom cab, dozens of wooden carousel horses, and a large player-piano-type organ.

Smith says she isn’t sure how the museum collected such items over the years, but she suspects many have to do with a theme park that was in the works four decades ago.


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