Granger restaurant owner could possibly be deported after routine check-in


A restaurateur in Granger is facing deportation to Mexico in light of the new aggressive policies regarding immigration set forth by the White House.


Roberto Beristain has been the owner of Eddies Steak Shed since January. He’s being held in a county jail in Kenosha, Wisconsin after being taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in Indianapolis, his family tells the South Bend Tribune.

His attorney says he was doing a routine check-in with ICE when he was detained, and that he has a work permit, a driver’s license, social security information, pays his taxes and was in the process of obtaining an immigrant visa.

The attorney described Beristain as “exactly the type of immigrant we want here.” He and his wife were also Trump supporters during the election and were happy that he won.

Beristain has resided in the US for 19 years.


  1. He has been a criminal every day for 19 years…he knew that he was…just because he can cook a mean dish does not make him exempt from the law, except in a country not governed by law.

    Time to pay for 19 years of crime.

    • He is not a criminal if he was told he was doing everything he was supposed to do .. when you were told that you committed a misdemeanor and you need to pay a fine and that’s all you need to do do you go and become a lawyer and research the law yourself and make sure that’s all you need to do ?? If you were told you had a leaky faucet you hire a plumber take care of the leaky Faucet should you yourself go become a plumber to make sure there isn’t a deeper problem ?? Be realistic this man was doing everything that was expected of him but he was told he needed to do including be productive start a family start a business and serve you an amazing ass steak every Sunday night ..

  2. Just because he can list a host of other laws he didn’t break does not make him exempt from the ones he does. If it did our prisons would be empty.

  3. I have a healthy respect for your Fanbase I also happen to know this family personally.. Watch the new story these are people who voted for Trump so the last person who called in and said treat them like WHITE PEOPLE totally ignorant .. you guys need to take some responsibility for the people you let on the air I’m sure Roberto’s children were listening to that interview . I know my daughter was and she’s best friends with his daughter . Shame on you show some class and intelligence . It might be a stretch.. but drink a gaterate do some stretching and USE YOUR BRAIN!

  4. So why didn’t he try to become a US citizen all those years ago? Got to be a reason. If we try to enforce the laws already on the books and hand pick when and when not to may as well delete them all like anti-American Obama did.
    Say’s who this is the type of immigrant we want here? I want the type of immigrant that respects our laws and abides by them. Not the type that skirts around them as he has done for many, many years! If immigrants have to go through the system, learn to speak English, learn the history of our country and pledge allegiance maybe we can retain an American culture. Right now we just let all immigrants come in and take, take, take and impose their culture on us in our country…Time for a change back to upholding the laws of immigration to the USA. How about no immigrant can get on welfare, Medicaid, food stamps… Bet we would have a lot less illegal immigrants.


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