Biologists concerned about muskellunge population in Lake Webster

("Esox masquinongy (muskellunge) 2" by James St. John, CC BY 2.0)

It provided some of the best muskie fishing in the Midwest a decade ago.

However, a decline in the number of adult muskies at Lake Webster has biologists worried about a potential shortage of eggs to use in the state’s muskie stocking program, according to a press release.

Traditionally, Lake Webster in Kosciusko County is where biologists have caught adult female muskies to harvest eggs for Fawn River State Fish Hatchery in Orland. They need 15 to 20 ripe female muskies each spring to get enough eggs for hatching.

Last spring, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources caught only 11 females that were “ripe” with eggs.

To supplement the egg supply, biologists set traps in nearby James Lake, where six more female muskies were caught and provided additional eggs.


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