Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese, State Rep. Doug Miller make plea for city revitalization

Rep. Doug Miller (left) with Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese at Statehouse (Photo supplied/City of Elkhart)

Elkhart’s Mayor is taking his case for redevelopment to the state capital.

Mayor Tim Neese and State Representative Doug Miller of Elkhart joined forces at the Statehouse to advance efforts aimed at revitalizing Elkhart’s aging industrial clusters. The two met with House and Senate leadership to discuss a bill, authored by Miller, to allow the city of Elkhart to establish a community revitalization enhancement district.

The two areas being considered encompass nearly 8,000 acres of land on the east and west sides of the city’s downtown. Within these business clusters, Neese says there are approximately 1,700 acres in need of redevelopment.

If it passes, the revitalization enhancement would allow the city to capture a portion of state taxes from any new investment within the district. The money could then be used to focus on workforce training initiatives, workforce housing, property and roadwork, as well as water/sewer extensions.


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