Railroad police shoot juvenile in Elkhart County

("Railroad Crossing" by Brad Clinesmith, CC BY-SA 2.0)

A juvenile was shot by a railroad police officer Sunday night in Elkhart County.

The juvenile was shot after a short vehicle pursuit shortly after 11 p.m. Sunday, according to Indiana State Police.

An Elkhart Police officer reportedly witnessed traffic violations and attempted a traffic stop that led to the pursuit. A short time later the vehicle came to a stop in the yard of a residence at County Roads 20 and 100, where a Norfolk Southern Railroad police officer shot the driver as they attempted to flee again.

The driver was treated for a serious but non-life threatening injury and the investigation is underway. The juvenile’s name has not been released.


  1. You don’t shoot someone when they attempt to flee. This guy (the officer) will do time for this. I’m sure he is conconting some story to justify his actions.

  2. Not so fast there, Rich. If in the act of fleeing, the juvenile put the life of an officer, or anyone else, in danger, the officer may well have been justified in using lethal force.

  3. Rich, your are a moron! If you are fleeing from the police you deserve to be shot! Unfortunately liberals like you will ensure that this criminal sues and wins a big settlement for being a criminal. It would be great for you if this criminal is also an illegal immigrant wouldn’t it? By your logic a criminal has no reason not to run and endanger everyone around.


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