South Bend leaders look for private lenders for 100 homes in 500 days campaign


A plan that would see the city of South Bend work with private lenders to help build new homes on empty lots is looking for a boost.

The South Bend Common Council announced a 100 homes in 500 days initiative, which would see the city working with private lenders to help build single-family homes on lots that were emptied during the Mayor’s 1000 homes in 1000 days program.

The South Bend Tribune reports that a number of residents have told the Council that they would like similar assistance rehabilitating their blighted properties that can still be saved.

Councilwoman Regina Williams-Preston says the city should commit funds to grants that can help improve existing homes, especially since more of them will be needed when the initiative heats up next year.


  1. Throwing good money after bad. Just prolonging the decline and increasing the debt while fleecing tax payers yet again.

    Learn from their mistakes? Why would they want to do that.

    How about this…create a system where people who can afford the debt can get a loan and build their own houses or renovate their own properties? Silly I know…especially when you can spend other peoples money.


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