Documents: John Lewis was having an affair when he killed wife in Niles

(Photo supplied/Berrien County Sheriff's Office)

There are new developments in the murder of a woman in Niles Township.


John Lewis has been charged with premeditated murder in the death of his wife Carla, a crime he originally blamed on a pair of suspects he claimed had appeared in their home and shot her. He said those suspects left the home and took their SUV.

According to ABC 57, the subsequent investigation suggests an affair, pills, and ammunition could all be used as evidence in the homicide case against Lewis. No witness could be found that ever saw the two men. Lewis also had a friend obtain ammunition for him, and a security camera at the home was found to be disabled.

A woman who claims to have been having an affair with Lewis says he told her of a plan to kill his wife using Xanax. She went to the police upon learning of the shooting.



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