Indiana officials set to release ISTEP results at Wednesday meeting

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana education officials are set to release overall results from the ISTEP standardized exams given last spring to nearly 500,000 students.

The passing rates on the ISTEP exams are on the agenda for discussion during Wednesday’s meeting of the State Board of Education.

Student scores dropped for the 2016 tests, with 51.6 percent of students in grades 3-8 passing both the English and math sections. That passing rate was down nearly 2 percentage points from the spring 2015 exams.

Indiana students are to be taking the ISTEP exam for the final time next spring as the state is switching to a new test named ILEARN for the 2019 exams. Details on the new test are still being worked out. Some critics worry it won’t be much different than ISTEP.

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ISTEP or ILEARN...Either is pointless September 6, 2017 at 9:26 am

I have a great idea! Why don’t we have our kids take recess a few times a day? Also, how about gym class everyday and even add music classes. Maybe we could even put in an art class daily…Wow, What if we also required teachers to teach actual US history? What if there were sport teams for kids to participate on and compete with other schools? I wonder what the effect would be. We could even get really crazy and have summer break go from memorial day through labor day. This is insane but what if kids could walk to school in their own neighborhoods and even go home for lunch? Crazy talk I know…But what would the effect be on our kids? Oh, I wasn’t thinking. All of this would mean schools wouldn’t be raising our children to be mindless followers of liberal nonsense. Parents would actually have to be home for their kids. How did my generation survive with all of this nonsense going on in school? Obviously we were not educated correctly because we certainly have changed our education system since I was in school. All of the college graduates that work at McDonalds and Walmart are proof positive that our schools are run so very well. These are just stupid thoughts I have from time to time because of my horrible grade school education that was forced on me in the 70’s.


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