Notre Dame professors condemn DACA repeal


Notre Dame professors are joining Father John Jenkins in condemning the repeal of DACA.

Last week, it was announced that the executive order signed by President Barack Obama would be rescinded, ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in the U.S.

The Notre Dame Observer quotes American Studies professor Jason Ruiz, who points out that DACA delayed the deportation of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children, allowing them to work or pursue a better education.

DACA recipients may lose protection as early as next March, which has created an anxiety among students that the faculty feels is counterproductive to their education.

Ruiz also believes a DACA repeal could be used by President Donald Trump to push for a border wall.


  1. If ND professors are all about helping they should all pay for any DACA students education. They have enough to worry about being here illegally and all. Do these professors know where DACA came from? Any of them think it is legal? I thought ND was known as a “law School” Apparently not. Maybe these professors could spend some time educating immigrants on the correct way to immigrate to the USA. Imagine that! Teachers that actually help students…a novel idea. Maybe these professors could spend some time educating themselves on the illegality of DACA and worry about protecting our laws for a change. Another novel idea.

  2. Why advocate breaking up the families of criminal infiltrators? If these people are citizens they can come back at the age of majority. If they are not they can apply for citizenship like any other legal immigrant. Having lived here for years and speaking the language would seem to make that process easier. Unless of course they chose not to learn the language and a useful skill…then we don’t need more illiterate low wage leaches on society.

    Of course the social warfare snowflakes will just wring their hands, scream their protests and demand that somebody else pay to fix the world the way they want it.


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