South Bend police union opposes Public Safety Director idea

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

South Bend’s Fraternal Order of Police is calling a new plan from the mayor’s office “a waste of money.”

The idea is to create a new administrative role in the form of a Public Safety Director. The City Council would still have to approve the position before it was created.

According to the South Bend Tribune, the FOP is against the idea of the new layer of bureaucracy being added to the system. Mayor Pete Buttigieg envisions the role as a liason between the mayor and the fire and police chiefs in the city.

The FOP President sent a letter to the city council saying the buffer zone the position creates isn’t fair to the chiefs, and would be a waste of money.


  1. Mayor Butt doesn’t have time to deal with his actual job. He is bust getting ready for DC. That is why he is trying to appoint new staff to do his job. Money is no object as usual. Just go already and we can replace YOU!

  2. Seems like the mayor has stars in his eyes and has forgotten all about the city of South Bend. The liberal brain trust thinks of him as an up and coming leader in their party. Take a good long look at South Bend,and tell me just how good a job he has done? The west side looks like it was bombed out and no new business is going to South bend, their all migrating toward Mishawaka and Granger. Sometimes you need to take care of the job you have instead of a pie in the sky job that hasn’t even materialized.


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