Indiana lawmakers weigh bigger regulations for wind turbines


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Opponents and supporters of wind turbines have given lawmakers an earful about whether Indiana needs tighter regulations on the big power-generating machines.

Members of the Legislature’s interim study committee on energy heard more than three hours of testimony Thursday from about a dozen people.

Wind turbine opponents told the panel that the towering wind-driven machines hurt adjacent property values. They called for more notice to residents about proposed wind farms.

Supporters testified that wind farms are both environmentally friendly and give a boost to local economies.

Legislation that would have imposed more regulations on wind farms failed to pass the Legislature last session.

But WISH-TV reports that the bill sponsored by Republican state Rep. John Saunders of Lewisville could come up again when lawmakers reconvene in January.


  1. Temporary power supplies support temporary power use. If you only want to power your appliances on windy days then this works…but since no one wants to put up with that these cyclopean pinwheels are only an eye sore and provide no relief to actual power requirements.

    There would not be any built if they were not paid to put them up by the government…which means YOU, it’s just another power bill collected from your paycheck by leaches making a living off of taxes.

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